Making in 2021 means making in harmony with nature, and make it sustainable. That’s why we make eco-friendly choices for every step of the process - from material to packaging - every object is created with the greatest respect for the Earth.

Our homeware is made from Jesmonite, an ecological modified cementitious composite. Water-based, solvent free, and with no VOC’s - simply kinder to the environnement. Each objet is hand-finished with a natural, non-toxic sealer.

Each candle is handmade from 100% rapeseed wax and high quality dyes. Cultivated in Europe, this vegan wax is pesticide and GMOs free. Water-soluble, it doesn’t stain and is very easy to clean.

From tape to shredded papers, down to the choice of sticker, we go with a recycled and  recyclable option wherever it’s possible, and natural fiber if not. We also like to collaborate with local and family-size company such as Maki Papier for our labels and Thank You cards.

We are always open to suggestions on how to evolve our processes and commitment to sustainability. Step by step we want to make our planet a cleaner place for the future of our children. Feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas on how we could do better.